Refrigerated Vehicle Bodies

TSSCâ„¢ is a pioneer in the manufacture of isothermal bodyworks. The company employs most modern construction techniques based on proven research to manufacture reliable insulated vehicle bodies.

TSSC™ manufactures insulated panels for vehicle bodies in sizes of up to 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width. The panels are reinforced to give maximum strength and durability. TSSC takes pride in being one of the very few companies in the region to build truck bodies using only 6 panels, one for each side of the body. All the corners and edges of the vehicle body are protected using specially extruded aluminum profiles. The insulated body is built to hold temperatures ranging from +15°C to -40°C.  

Advantages of TSSC Refrigerated Vehicle Bodies-

  • 48 Years of expertise in manufacturing Vehicle Bodies of any size and for various applications
  • One Stop Shop for all Vehicle Body needs including Insulated Panels for the Body and the Refrigeration Units
  • Truck Body Built Using Only 6 Panels (4 Walls, Ceiling And Floor)thus providing the structure extra strength and durability.
  • Movable Partitions allow for a high level of flexibility in designing compartments
  • Eutectic plates for Refrigerated vehicle bodies- the insulated body is able to retain its temperature for long periods even after the refrigeration unit is disconnected
  • Eutectic plates for applications where temperatures need to be reduced to -40°C
  • High quality products at affordable prices


TSSC is a pioneer in the manufacture of Isothermal bodyworks. The company employs most modern construction techniques based on proven research to manufacture insulated vehicle bodies which truly deliver on thermal efficiency and durability.

From small to large, mid-temperature to deep frozen TSSC can build refrigerated vehicle bodies for pickups, trucks, vans and trailers based on the clients’ requirements. These vehicle bodies are ideal for transporting dry products and food products such as, dairy, poultry, butchery, fruits, juices, etc. The insulated body and eutectic plates are built to hold temperatures ranging from +15°C to -40°C

TSSC is one of the few companies in the region to build truck bodies using only 6 panels, one for each side of the body. The insulated panels for the vehicle bodies are manufactured in sizes of up to 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width; panels of up to 12 m in length can also be fabricated. These panels are reinforced to give maximum strength and durability and can be made using Food Safe Coated Material, Standard Plastisol, (PVC) Coated GI Sheets and GRP. The truck bed flooring is available in various finishes such as Polyurea (Eco – Friendly), Aluminum T-Profiles, fiber glass and stainless steel.

With over decades of experience, TSSC also caters to customer demands by providing exceptional after sales service.  Clients can contact our technical team on a dedicated toll free number (24 x 7) for any technical or service issues related to the refrigeration units or the vehicle bodies.


A) The monolithic sandwich construction of elements is a result of injecting rigid polyurethane foam at high density between metal claddings. The panels can be made using -

1.  Food Safe Coated Material

2. Standard Plastisol (PVC) Coated GI Sheets and GRP. 


B) TSSC truck bed flooring consists of various finishes such as -

1. Polyurea (Eco – Friendly) 

2. Aluminum T-Profiles 

3. Fiber glass and

4. Stainless steel


About Polyurea

Polyurea is an environment friendly truck bed coating that is used to shield the internal body against deterioration by moisture, chemicals, atmospheric attack and leakages to name a few. The material used is comparatively cheap, application thickness may vary depending on buyer specifications. Polyurea coating is food safe and is ideal for transporting wet and dry products.

Advantages: -

1.     Polyurea is durable as compared to other materials used.

2.      It is water and air tight, which does not allow water to stagnate near food products.

3.     It is light, hygienic, easy to wash, clean, maintain and install.

4.     It has high abrasion, thermal and chemical resistance.

5.     The material resists impact sound and has super tensile and structural strength.    

6.     Easy to repair.

Acts as a flooring solution and helps reduce load on refrigeration system, hence additional savings with fuel are realized with this option.

Refrigeration Units

The company partners with the world’s biggest players in refrigeration units, the likes of - Thermo King, Carrier, Kingtec and Hwa Sung in collaboration with TSSC ensure only the best end products for every customer. 



                     1. Carrier                                                                          2. Thermoking



                    3. Kingtec                                                                         4. Hwa Sung.


Temperature Monitoring System


Data Loggers for temperature Monitoring are designed for refrigerated trucks, they consist of -

1.     Internal Data Logger.

2.     Internal Alarm Buzzer.                                       

3.     Voltage Protection.

4.     2 Digital Inputs and 4 relays. 

5.     RS 485 Serial Communication.                                                                        


Wireless Network Accessories - Converter

1.     Converts RS 485 Data to Radio Frequency (RF) and vice versa.          

2.     Field configurable to work as master or slave.

3.     247 Slaves can be connected to one master device.

4.     Range up to 50 Meter which can be increased with a router.


Wireless Network Accessories - Router

1.     Expands Network range beyond 50 Meter.

2.     247 Slaves can be connected to one router.                                            

3.     16 Routers can be connected to only one master.

4.     16 Routers can be connected in series.


Wireless Network Accessories

1.     Converts RS-485 signal from the controllers to RS-232 or USB.

2.     256 Controllers can be connected to CONV 256.

3.     Connects with computer through a USB Cable or RS 232 port.


1.     Digital inputs connected to door records opening period.

2.     Second digital input connected to engine status controls irresponsible drivers.

3.     Driver gets an audio alarm when temperature is high.

4.     Data logger can hold data up to 7 days.

5.     Data can be transferred to Sitrad wirelessly when truck returns back to factory.

Accessories offered by TSSC are of the highest quality and standard, most of these are imported from the most reliable manufacturers from Europe. The different accessories available as options are listed below:- 

 1. Air Wind Deflectors: 

Air Wind Deflector manufactured by TSSC is the most unique product available in its range; it is used to protect the vehicle against strong winds that blow against the vehicle. The aerodynamic structure helps aid wind flow over the truck body, providing much needed handling and stability that helps increase vehicle performance and fuel economy. TSSC air wind deflector reduces aerodynamic drag and decreases air pressure from the top and bottom resulting in smooth air flow, it also protects against gravels and stones which hit truck bodies at high speeds on motorways.  


2. Meat Hanging System: 

TSSC offers a number of optional fittings for customers; custom made meat hanging system is one such option that is ideal for transporting frozen and fresh meat. The truck bodies come fitted with specially designed over head rails and brackets with hooked bars that can withstand heavy meat loaded on to them. TSSC truck bodies are fitted with articulated heavy duty meat hooks fitted with small wheels within and are mounted on a stainless steel bracket that is required to support these hooks; each hook has a capacity of holding about 30 kilograms of meat.


3. Steel Steps: 

TSSC truck bodies come along with two kinds of steps; these are the fixed and foldable steps, both these steps come along with slip-safe treads that protect against accidents while loading and unloading.  Fixed Steps are permanently attached to the rear or sides, on the other hand foldable steps are movable and they allow easy access to or from the refrigerated truck bodies, these steps are placed in secured store position.


4. Tail Lifts: 

Hydraulic tail lifts are a necessity with every insulated/refrigerated truck, it is used to facilitate loading and unloading of heavy goods in and out of these trucks. Each tail lift is hydraulically controlled and can hold weight up to 1000 kilograms.


5.  Rail Holding Straps:

Rail Holding Straps make sure that goods placed inside the truck do not move too much, hence protecting against damage caused due to vehicle movement at high speed. 


6. Movable partition:

The movable partition allows high level of flexibility in designing compartments of any size that could be used for freezers and chillers according to the requirement. The movable partition could be moved both horizontally and vertically and can be locked in either direction. The partitions are built complete with rubber gaskets, thermostat, 12V DC fan, aluminum ventilation grill, rollers, locks etc. A provision for fixing the compartment vertically at three different positions could also be provided according to the customer specification. Insulated bodies for cargo trucks are fitted with belts inside to hold the goods intact. If the truck is half full, the partition can help save energy by stopping refrigeration at that point. 


7. Roll Up Doors:

 TSSC produces the best quality Roll up Doors in the Middle-East; each door is manufactured according to customer specific requirements and goes through a series of strength tests before being fitted onto the refrigerated truck body. Our highly skilled labor produces doors that ensure safe and secure transport of products over long distances.


                TSSC believes in offering best possible after sales service for our customers, we now offer a 24 hour service for our Refrigerated Units, Truck Bodies and Cold Rooms. Customers can contact us on our toll free number at any time of the day, our esteemed team of technicians and engineers ensure these glitches are resolved. The purpose of this service is to help save valuable time against breakdowns and maintenance time lag.