Service and Maintenance

Quality Support Service Done on Time to keep you Moving

We at TSSC understand that the Cold Chain never stops and neither do we. With the establishment of a state of the art service facility, TSSC aims to maximize reliability and uptime levels through optimized maintenance and repair programs, whilst reacting eectively and eciently when unexpected breakdowns occur.

TSSC places great focus on technical training and spare parts supply and has developed internal programs to ensure speed and quality of response go hand in hand.

Further supported by mobile units and plans to provide an extensive service network of centers across the GCC region we aim to be as close to our customers as possible.


A full service maintenance agreement to maximize your fleet uptime:

By specifying TSSC Refrigerated Truck Bodies you have acquired advanced transport refrigeration units and by combining this with our Gold, Silver or Bronze maintenance package you can be condent in receiving the optimum level of product support to help keep your eet operating eciently and eectively.

Our Gold, Silver or Bronze Package options allow you to decide the levels of support that are right for you. Our sales team can assist you with the package that best suits your requirements.

You can choose to add or exclude items such as travel to your premises, international coverage, regulatory checks or even the service and repair of other equipment, such as temperature recorders and telematics.

TSSC maintenance packages, allow you to x your costs over a specied term that’s linked to your usage prole, including equipment age and running hours. Our services will suit your operational needs and assure maximum reliability of the units of your refrigerated vehicles. Utilizing only Carrier, Thermoking, Mitsubishi, Eurofrigo, Thermal Master, Kingtec genuine parts and recommended lubricants your units will be cared for and repaired by our highly skilled and professional


General Terms and Conditions for Services Agreement are as follows:

  1. Maintenance Services for the vehicles will be carried out in accordance with the recommendation issued by Carrier, Thermoking, Mitsubishi, Eurofrigo, Thermal Master, Kingtec. Please contact our sales sta for more details.
  2. TSSC will schedule the dates for the maintenance services on the vehicles as will be agreed jointly with Customer.
  3. Additional repairs / maintenance works / breakdowns, not included in the Annexure A, will be required in writing by the client. TSSC will secure the client’s approval for extra charges prior to execution of additional services.
  4. Vehicles will be serviced at TSSC service centers, conveniently located in Sharjah industrial area #10 and Dubai Investments Park premises. The client is required to deliver the vehicles to the service centers on agreed dates and times. TSSC also can provide services at the client’s premise through TSSC’s Mobile Service Van (like such as oil and lter change, routine maintenance) .
  5. The service agreement will shall not be transferable by the client to a third party, and will only be applicable for the registered vehicle as mentioned in the service agreement .
  6. Service prices will remain constant for a contract period of time.
  7. The service contract will be valid for a specic period of time as stated in the service agreement.
  8. Recovery truck facility is available for the customers who woudn’t be able to get there vehicles to our facility for maintenance.



Mob Ser.jpg

In order to make your HVAC-R units more versatile and energy ecient, we are introducing an innovative Monitoring & Control System (fully automatic & programmable) for new and current refrigeration units. This system oers 24/7 full monitoring & control of:

• Temperature
• Pressure (0 to 500 PSI & Dierential)
• Humidity (0 to 100%)
• Power (Current, Voltage, kW)


MT-543 R i Log Controller along with FG-WI Converter (Slave) will be installed in the truck which will store all the information about temperature and door status.

FG-WI Router will receive all the information through Wi-Fi signal from FG-WI Converter (Slave).

All the downloaded info will be sent from FG-WI Router to FG-WI Converter (Master) which will redirect them toConv32 modem and from there to PC.


TSSC also provides its clients with Telematics to keep a remote eye on cold store vehicles transporting fresh or frozen goods. Telematics system from TSSC are designed to communicate relevant and useful data such as tracking of vehicles , logging their movements for the future and recording key aspects of the journey,including temperature variations, opening and closing of doors, idling time and so on.

With the growing importance of food safety, shippers and operators expect to have proof-of-compliance data at their ngertips and telematics can be deployed as an eective tool. Systems like telematics can track refrigerated transport vehicles and help prevent real-time problems. Also, with useful date available corrective action can be taken to prevent temperature abuse.

In addition to being maintained in line with vendor specications, TSSC maintenance agreement ensures your equipment benets from genuine Performance Parts. Designed to ensure your equipment operates at its peak in terms of performance, reliability and safety, performance parts can also help maintain unit re-sale value. TSSC Service Team makes sure that whenever a repair is needed we’ll get you back on the road in no time.