TSSC Ambulance

Given the astounding pace of medical expertise, the native technique of making specialty vehicles has evolved over the years too. Adapting these innovative practices, TSSC, an innovative engineering conglomerate with global presence has recently introduced a new array of customized ambulances that are not only equipped with the latest medical technologies, but also fuel-ecient, long lasting and safe.

Focusing on the increasing demands of the industry, TSSC and its unrivalled team of designers, engineers, and
production have applied new development techniques and adopted signicant structural changes in delivering a
seamless range of new vehicles. Built in conjunction with international quality standards, these ambulances deliver
corporeal value, minimal operating costs and exceptional after-sale service.

While TSSC has already received global accreditation for its products and services, it is the commitment to quality
and reliability that makes TSSC a favorite choice amidst its customers.

Types of Ambulances:

Reconciling the regulatory requirements with the continual need to improve facilities, all the vehicles of TSSC are
designed in accordance with the current mandatory standards of the industry. Oering customized specialty
vehicles, TSSC builds and develops ambulances with:

  • Basic Life Support
  • Advanced Life Support
  • Mobile Intensive Care Support


Utilized primarily for transport of stable patients, the Type 1 ambulances by TSSC have a detachable bodymounted on a truck chassis. Equipped with state-of-the art facility, the Type I ambulances from TSSC ensurecompassionate patient care and satisfaction. Featuring medical standardized outlets along with comfort,quality and safety, the Type I vehicle is the most used form of emergency transportation.

                                  A Standard Emergency Response Ambulance


 We offer ambulances built on all major OEM vehicle Platforms available in the Middle East.

A standard van, displaying a cab-body, the Type II ambulance is essentially used during life-threatening or rescue operations. While these vans have the option of being fitted with the Advanced Life-Support (ALS) or a Basic Life-Support (BLS) system, it is the singular inside that facilitates quick access to the crew for setting up medical aid. TSSC`s Type II vehicles feature reinforced body and walls that offers advanced safety for the patients. In addition, these specialty vehicles are fitted with heavy resuscitation equipment and customized in collaboration with the end-user to deliver optimum performance.