Reefer Trailer

TSSC relentless commitment to efficiency and value makes it a key player in the manufacturing sentor. As the largest manufacturer of composite panels in the Middle East, TSSC offers nearly 27 different product lines, all produced at its facilities, located om Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh.

With over 50 years of proven expertise in the field of insulated panels, TSSC is known as a pioneer in the manufacturing of refrigerated transport systems. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, TSSC uses the latest construction techniques to make trailers and insulated vehicle bodies taht meets the highest standards. The end result: cutting-edge solutions that help your business reach its goals. 

  • A Comprehensive Product Offering: TSSC is the market leader in providing holistic cold chain logistics solutions to its clients while offering completely integrated capabilities. The company builds cold storage systems on reefer trailers which are used for primary distribution and rigid reefer box trucks used for secondary
    distribution. TSSC also manufactures Point Of Sale retail refrigeration solutions. With such a comprehensive range of refrigerated trailers on offer, TSSC is capable of meeting all your cold chain requirements.
  • Quick Delivery: TSSC employs a highly skilled workforce of over 100 engineers and technicians dedicated to manufacturing refrigerated vehicle bodies. Working round the clock, this team is able to meet urgent requirements and deliver jobs of
    any scale quickly and efficiently. This fast turnaround time ensures that your vehicles roll out in the shortest possible time.
  • Optimized Engineering and Design: TSSC’s specialized engineering techniques are geared towards addressing every product’s key challenges. The Reefer Trailer combination is built with maximum design optimization and high performance parameters. Along with TSSC's extensive experience in building refrigerated container systems for the transportation industry, this optimized design ensures you receive only the highest quality products.
  • 24 Hour Customer Service: TSSC has always provided the highest levels of after-sales service. In keeping with this tradition, TSSC now offers a 24/7 technical support helpline to Refrigerated Unit and Truck Body customers, so as to minimize maintenance related downtime.
  • Wide Service Network: TSSC has a vast network of distributors and dealers spread
    over key GCC countries. Together with an operational and delivery experience in the region spanning decades, TSSC’s network provides its clients with reliability and convenience, just some of the benefits of working with a partner that has such a wide reach.
  • Weight & Size Range: TSSC Reefer Trailers are available from 73 CBM to 81 CBM with a length ranging from 13.6 meters to 15.0 meters and a payload capacity ranging from 27 tonnes to 33 tonnes.

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