Refrigerated Transport

With over 55 years of proven expertise in the field of insulated panels, TSSC employs the latest construction techniques to manufacture insulated vehicle bodies to the highest standards. These techniques guarantee thermal efficiency and durability – offering you the most cost-efficient solutions in the long term.

From small to large, mid-temperature to deep-frozen, TSSC can build refrigerated vehicle bodies for pickups, trucks, vans and trailers to specific requirements. These vehicle bodies are ideal for transporting dry goods as well as food products such as dairy, poultry, meat, fruits and juices.

Insulated bodies can be constructed to maintain temperatures as low as -25°C.


For TSSC Refrigerated Vehicle Bodies:


• Beverage Companies

• Restaurants

• Catering Companies

• Supermarkets • Hospitals

• Food Services

• Dairy Companies

• Ice Manufacturers

• Fish Processors

• Florists

• Hotels

• Bakeries

• Meat & Poultry Distributors

• Ice-cream Carriers


For TSSC Dry Boxes:


• Logistics companies

• Distribution companies

• Moving and relocation companies



         FEATURE                                     TSSC            OTHERS
Outside/Inside Cladding
0.5mm inner ribbed / 0.7mm smooth or ribbed as desired, also available 0.7 / 0.7 in out, PPGI
or Plastisol
0.5mm / 0.45mm
PU Density 42 kg 26-38 kg
Checkered Plate thickness 2.8mm base Standard
1.8mm base Standard (2.8mm in special
Steel Base – Main Runner Hollow Tube 100 x 50 x 2 mm 100mm I-Beam
Steel Base – Cross Member Hollow Tube 80 x 40 x 2 mm 75mm I-Beam
Corner-finishing Angle 75 x 75 x 3 mm 75 x 75 x 3 mm
Corner/Side Profile Aluminum Cast Roof Corner 90 degree 75 x 75 x 2 mm
Truck Roof Profile
Specially extruded round profile. T profile is
used by us only, and that’s used as the bottom
profile of our body.
90o angle
Time taken to cool interior to required
40% Better - - -
Truck Floor Fully Reinforced Not reinforced


TSSC’s refrigerated truck and trailer bodies can be fabricated in a range of sizes. Vehicle bodies ranging from 1.5m to 2.8m in height and between 2m and to 16m in length can be manufactured. 

TSSC Reefer Trailers are ideal for shipping companies which transport goods which need to refrigerated. The trailers are built in accordance with international standards and are designed to be operated with the leading brands of cooling units.

Each vehicle undergoes a series of rigorous strength and quality tests to ensure that all temperature and environmental tolerances are met and maintained. 

This translates into the best end product in the market which is versatile and maneuverable, resulting in excellent payloads.


TSSC Refrigerated Vans are ideal for small businesses such as restaurants, supermarkets and general stores. They are built by fitting a refrigerated box inside the van.


While the standard size refrigerated box measures 3.5m x 1.6m, different sizes can be customized to your requirements.


TSSC refrigerated boxes are extremely durable and combine high quality insulation with excellent thermal characteristics They are easy to clean and maintain, and provide the ideal temperature-controlled environment for your goods.


Flooring options include aluminum checkered plate and polyurea coating.



TSSC Reefer Trailers are ideal for shipping companies which transport goods which need to refrigerated. The trailers are built in accordance with international standards and are designed to be operated with the leading brands of cooling units.


TSSC Refrigerated & Dry Containers are a reliable mode of transportation for goods which do not require refrigeration. Well-insulated, they protect your goods from direct sunlight and dust.

dry con.jpg

Insulated Panels:

TSSC truck body panels are manufactured using a unique sandwich construction process. Panels are manufactured up to 16 meters in length

and 2.8 meters in width. Each vehicle can be erected using just 6 panels (one for each side) ensuring 100% air tight insulation and refrigeration. Panels are steel re-enforced with 42 Kg density.


Features of the panels include:


• Lightweight PU to B2 or B3 specifications

• High degree of thermal insulation

• Lower weight on truck body to reduce fuel costs

• Compliance with EHS regulations and international standards

• Economical to produce

• High compressive strength


Panel Structure:


TSSC uses a wide range of cladding materials to manufacture insulated panels. These include


• Polyester pre-painted galvanised steel

• PVC (Plastisol) coated galvanised steel

• Stainless Steel

• Food-safe coated galvanised steel

• Food-safe coated Alu/Zinc alloy



TSSC also supplies panels manufactured using other cladding materials. The surface profiles of the insulated panels can be smooth or ribbed depending on the requirement.


Knock Down (KD) Panels


As an alternative we can supply KD panels for customers who wish to assemble and install insulation boxes at their own site.


TSSC offers its customers a wide variety of high quality European accessories to choose from the below:

Aerodynamic design: Vehicle bodies are manufactured by TSSC using a unique construction technique which incorporates rounded edges on the truck box providing an aerodynamic shape. With improved fuel-efficiency, the cost-efficient design and construction saves you money in the long-term. 


Wind Deflectors: TSSC’s Wind Deflector improves wind flow over the truck body by enhancing the vehicle’s aerodynamics. It is used to protect the refrigeration unit and vehicle against strong winds that blow against the vehicle at high speeds. The aerodynamic structure of the Wind Deflector reduces drag and decreases air pressure from top and bottom, resulting in smoother air flow. This increases vehicle handling and stability and improves performance and fuel economy.


Meat Hanging System: Made with an appropriate grade of stainless steel suitable for food areas as per international standards, the state of the art hardware allows for safe, hygienic, and efficient transportation of meat. The sturdy hooks are designed to take up to 30Kgs of weight each. The system is configured for ease of cleaning.


Steel Steps: Our bodies can be equipped with sturdy steel steps that make it easy to access the loading bay. The steps come in fixed and foldable types with slip-safe treads. We have a wide range of specifications and sizes to suit every need and configuration.


Doors: Depending on the nature of cargo and handling requirements, TSSC bodies can be equipped with sturdy and long life doors of various sizes, orientation and types. These doors are built and installed with the best-in-class hardware, locks, hinges, and handles.


Temperature Partitions: TSSC offers temperature partitions for carrying cold cargo at varying temperatures. This allows for highly efficient and flexible utilization of your fleet vehicles and adds to building a genuine cost advantage for your operations.


Rail Holding Straps: Steel notched rails along the cargo compartment and complimenting hooks and straps allow for fast, convenient, and efficient tie down and securing of cargo carried inside our dry cargo bodies. The system can be tailor made and configured to each application.


Temperature Monitoring System: TSSC offers sophisticated temperature monitoring systems with the following features:
  • Digital inputs record periods that doors remain open.
  • Second digital input monitors engine status and helps to keep a check on the crew.
  • Driver gets an audio alarm when temperature is high.
  • Data logger can hold data for up to 7 days.
  • Data can be transferred to SITRAD wirelessly when truck returns to base.


Refrigerated Vehicle Bodies manufactured by TSSC are available in different sizes. To meet temperature requirements each vehicle is fitted

with a refrigeration unit which can be selected from a wide range of brands such as:

  • Thermo King
  • Carrier
  • Euro Frigo
  • Hwasung Thermo
  • Kingtec