Portable Cabins

Prefabricated housing buildings designed and built to be movable and permanently located offer solutions to the construction and housing needs of offices, labor camps, schools, commercial work modules and even residential villas.

These portable buildings are designed to be carried to or from site on a large trailer and can be slung on and off by a crane.

TSSC’s ranges of portable cabins are the best answer to urgent accommodation requirements almost anywhere.  Flexibility in its construction and assembly makes it possible to meet a wide range of applications. The units are available either ex-stock, ‘off-the-shelf’ or can be fabricated and assembled quickly in accordance with the client’s specific requirements.They are designed to meet the demands such as those associated with rapid development and are especially suitable for use in the climatic conditions of the Gulf.








Listed below are some of the prestigious projects / clients we have supplied to

ADNOC                            AbuDhabi, UAE

ADWEA                            AbuDhabi , UAE

ADCC                               AbuDhabi , UAE

GASCO                            AbuDhabi , UAE

Siemens                         AbuDhabi , UAE

Petrofac                           Iraq

Yas Island                      AbuDhabi , UAE

Signalis                          Qatar

Nokia / Siemens           GCC

Vodafone / Ericsson     GCC

Hutchson Tele               Sri Lanka 

IAL                                    UAE

Etisalat                            UAE

DU                                   UAE

Qtel                                 Qatar

Ericsson                        Saudi Arabia

GTL                                 UAE

Egypro                            Qatar

AlanDick Middle East      UAE